Yes, the zero8hundred web portal provides a hub of resources that are specifically designed to address the needs of transitioning service members and their families. The site has supported over 1,000 visitior sessions per month, as transitioning members and their families self-navigate to resources.  We encourage visitors to register for our email updates at the “Subscribe to Newletter” tab so they can be included in news and transition tips.
The portal provides vetted community resources to address the four pillars of veteran’s wellness. These are Education and Jobs, Basic Needs, Physical and Mental Health, and Personal/Social Connections. The portal also has a “Resources” tab that allows visitors to search an unlimited number of categories to discover 6000 vetted resources available in the San Diego community.
This portion of the zero8hundred project is targeted for service members and spouses who enroll in the program at Transition GPS (Goals, Plans, Success) classes, and is available at TGPS classes at Naval Base San Diego, Naval Base Coronado, and Coast Guard Sector San Diego.  Peer Navigation services are also available to service members and spouses who enroll in Transition Readiness Seminar classes or other transition events at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, Marine Corps Recruit Depot and Marine Corps Air Station Miramar.  Additionally, this support can be accessed through "Military Transition  - The Spouse Edition" classes coordinated by our partners at the San Diego Military Family Collaborative, and through San Diego Unified School District staff at schools in the Murphy Canyon area.  Service members and spouses at any of these classes will have the option to request a Navigator who will contact them periodically during their transition to assess and address their concerns. The Navigators will work with them on the phone or in person to overcome their transition challenges. We plan to expand the availability of Navigator assistance as the project (and particularly our dedicated zero8hundred staff) grows.
zero8hundred is being implemented in stages to ensure we can provide top notch service that improves the transition experience for service members and their families.  We plan to offer the program to other services as we build the capacity to assist the full range of transitioning service members and their families in San Diego and Orange County.
The “Veterans Wellness Model” is something we kept in mind as we developed this community plan to support transitioning service members and their families.  zero8hundred was designed to address the model’s interrelated areas of employment/education, physical/mental wellbeing, fulfillment of basic material needs, and social/personal relationships. From the onset of this project, employment has been a central focus of the work. Clearly, education and employment are driving forces to achieving success, but all of these areas – what we call zero8hundred’s “pillars” - are interrelated and critical to ensuring a successful transition to civilian life.
Both. This initiative recognizes that for many service members, the transition from military service impacts the entire family. Service members and family members are all encouraged to use the zero8hundred web portal. Spouses who attend select Transition GPS classes along with their military spouse will also have the option to sign up for transition assistance from a zero8hundred Navigator.  Spouses  who attend "Military Transition - The Spouse Edition" classes with the San Diego Military Family Collaborative and "Spouse Transition and Readiness Seminar" (STARS) classes at MCAS Miramar are also eligible to request a Navigator.  Staff at several San Diego Unified School District schools in Murphy Canyon can connect spouses and families to Peer Navigation services as well.  The ultimate goal is to engage the whole family to ease the transition process.
Yes. The resources are vetted to help insure the quality of services available to transitioning military families. The zero8hundred portal is linked to 2-1-1 San Diego’s list of 6000 resource providers, and the standard national Alliance of Information and Referral Systems (AIRS) inclusion/exclusion criteria is utilized to include organizations in the data system. The criteria identifies key elements of an organization based on their self-report and due diligence by 2-1-1 staff. In addition, external assessment of many of the organizations is conducted by The Patriot’s Connection, a Rancho Santa Fe Foundation program. This vetting process measures programs in 7 areas: legal and organizational status, accreditations, financial condition, efficiency, transparency, accountability, governance, leadership and staff commitment, and measuring effectiveness. Organizations are awarded “qualified” or “provisional” status.
There are many organizations that provide a wide range of services and support to veterans and their families. The goal of zero8hundred is to make a connection between the transitioning members and these existing services. zero8hundred is able to do this through our unique relationship with the armed forces that allows our program to be presented at select mandatory transition classes while service members are still on active duty.  These classes are typically scheduled many months before the members separate from the military.  zero8hundred is specifically designed to address challenges for those transitioning from the service into the San Diego community. This is done through a portal that was built to leverage existing community resources, and also by use of well-trained Peer Navigators who are available for members enrolling in the program during these transition classes. These Navigators are all either veterans, military spouses, or dependents who have direct experience with military culture and transitioning out.  They regularly contact participating service members and spouses who enroll, connecting them with services and following-up with them during their transition.

Unlike many organizations that support veterans “from separation to cemetery,” zero8hundred is focused on assisting veterans and their families during a critical 18 month transition time, from nine months before they leave the service to twelve months after separation. We are convinced that helping members overcome challenges during this time will set them up for success for years to come.