• Financial Education, Products and Services, Primerica Financial Services
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    Provides San Diego County families, veterans, business owners get back on track
    financially by offering a free financial needs analysis, financial education, projects
    and services to get out of debt, repair credit scores, save money on insurance, legal
    protection program, and investment vehicles to properly retire, pay for education,
    establish an emergency fund, afford a home, car, vacations, and reach financial freedom.
  • Air Force Wounded Warriors
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    Provides support and care from the point of injury, through separation or retirement,
    for life. Services include: Advocacy for services on Airman's behalf to coordinate
    with closest Air Force Family Resource Center to ensure wounded warriors receive
    face-to-face, and personalized services.

The programs featured above provide financial services and counseling programs to eligible active duty military members, veterans and their families. 

Financial service programs provide assistance for people who are experiencing an unexpected financial shortfall and have insufficient resources to obtain essential services or to meet expenses in situations where financial assistance related to their specific circumstance is unavailable. 

Personal Financial Counseling programs provide help to people who are having difficulty paying their monthly bills gain control of their finances. For related financial assistance programs, click on the links below.

Related Resources

Credit Counseling - Programs that provide assistance for people who want to improve their understanding of the consumer credit lending and collections systems, and maximize their skill in using credit. Services may include help in completing credit application forms, understanding how credit information is analyzed, choosing the best credit cards and/or interest rates available, determining how many credit cards can be managed, protecting one's credit information, communicating with creditors, improving poor credit reports and associated credit scores, eliminating credit card debt and dealing with other credit card issues.

Bankruptcy Assistance - Programs that provide assistance for people who are unable to pay their creditors and need to declare bankruptcy. Included may be help in evaluating a personal or business bankruptcy as an option, assistance in completing and filing bankruptcy forms and/or representation in bankruptcy hearings.

Financial Management Workshops - Programs that provide educational workshops for individuals, families, business owners and others that deal with the essentials of money management, asset building and financial independence. The classes may address a wide variety of money management issues including banking services, consumer credit lending, debt consolidation/repayment, bankruptcy, small business development, retirement planning, investment management, savings, risk management, tax and estate law and other similar topics.

Low Interest Loans - Programs that provide personal loans for people who qualify on the basis of income and charge no interest for the service.

Temporary Financial Assistance - Programs that provide cash for people in need of assistance and evaluate the individual's or family's need for the money on a case-by-case basis rather than having pre-established policies regarding the types of needs the dollars can be used to cover.