Legal Assistance

Legal Services include programs that provide assistance in the form of advocacy, arbitration, class action litigation, legal counseling, legal representation, mediation, paralegal counseling, self-representation assistance and/or court watching which focus on a particular area of law. For a list of legal assistance programs, click on the links below.


Related Resources

Certificates/Forms Assistance - Programs that help people obtain, complete and/or file official forms, certificates, documents, applications or other paperwork that is required to apply for benefits or services, initiate or respond to legal action or to officially handle or document the occurrence of a transaction; that help people acquire copies of official documents on file elsewhere; or that review legal documentation an individual has received to help explain its meaning.

Family Law - Programs that provide assistance for people who are involved in disputes or legal actions which affect their domestic relationships.

Federal Court of Military Appeals - A federal court that operates as a part of the U.S. Department of Defense which serves as the final appellate tribunal to review court-martial convictions of all services.

General Legal Aid - Programs that provide legal counseling and/or representation for low-income individuals who need assistance in routine legal matters, usually in the area of bankruptcy, housing, public benefits, family law, elder law or immigration/naturalization.

GI Rights Counseling - Programs that provide information about U.S. military regulations and practices as well as legal assistance for service members, veterans, potential recruits, and their families with the objective of supporting their ability to exercise their rights and make appropriate decisions regarding military service. Issues may include conscientious objection registration, military discharge options, AWOL (Absent WithOut Leave) and UA (Unauthorized Absence) policies and regulations, homosexual conduct regulations, military misconduct discharge regulations, service-connected injuries, post-traumatic stress disorder, sexual and other forms of harassment, abuses of command, broken enlistment promises and other legal matters concerning their relationship with the military. The program may also help young people who signed up for the military through delayed entry programs in their high schools and have changed their minds about entering the military.

Lawyer Referral Services - Programs that maintain lists of private attorneys and link people who need legal assistance with lawyers who specialize in the required area of law.

Legal Counseling - Programs that are staffed by lawyers who offer information and guidance regarding legal matters, proposed lines of conduct, claims or contentions including opinions on the party's rights, responsibilities and liabilities; and who offer suggestions for an appropriate course of action, but do not represent clients in courts.

Legal Self Help Programs - Programs that train people to represent themselves in court when initiating or responding to a specific type of civil litigation.

Military Law - Programs that provide assistance for people who are employed by any of the branches of the armed forces and have committed an offense which brings them under the jurisdiction of the military courts.