Transportation programs provide  basic transportation needs of the community including the local and long-distance conveyance of people and goods, and special arrangements for older adults, people with disabilities and other community residents who have no personal transportation and are unable to utilize public transportation. Also included are programs that provide information, emergency assistance and other supportive services to meet the needs of tourists, travelers and other visitors. For more information on transportation assistance programs, click on the links below. 


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Emergency Road Service Programs that arrange for the dispatch of a tow truck to assist motorists whose vehicles have become disabled on roads or highways because their car has stalled, they have a flat tire, are out of gas or are locked out of their cars. Services may include towing, tire changes, jump starts, lockout assistance (key breaks in the ignition, broken keys in the door or trunk, lost keys or keys locked in the car) and emergency fuel and water delivery.

Local Automobile TransportationProvide transportation for individuals whose points of origin and destinations are within their community or other nearby communities. These organizations also provide information for the public about rates, schedules and routes for these services.

Local Bus Transit ServicesOrganizations that provide fixed-route mass transit services that utilize buses to transport people within the limits of a city, a metropolitan area, a county or a multicounty region or to move people from outlying areas into a city or metropolitan area.

Local Rail Services - Organizations that provide fixed-route rapid rail services which transport people within the limits of a city, a metropolitan area, the county, or a multi-county region, or which move people from outlying areas into a city or metropolitan area. Included are streetcar services, rail-connected trolley services, metro rail services, monorail services and elevated railway services.

Park and Ride FacilitiesProvide parking facilities with connecting bus, rail, carpool or vanpool services that enable users to park their automobiles or bicycles in an outlying central location and utilize public transportation or take the carpool/vanpool to reach downtown areas, special events or other destinations.

Transportation Information - Programs that provide information about highway conditions, public transportation services and related information that commuters and other travelers can access in some areas by dialing the three digit number, 511, from a wireless or landline telephone, and in other areas, by dialing a seven digit number.