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    It is too often that we see new veterans face challenges reintegrating back into their
    communities and we cannot afford to let them fall through the cracks. zero8hundred is
    committed to connect veterans, transitioning military service members, and their families
    to organizations that can help them capitalize on the talents and leaderships skills
    that they learned while serving in the armed forces to keep them connected to their peers,
    their family, and their community while they ease their way back into civilian life.
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    our initiatives or events.
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According to The Emotional Life a three part series featured on PBS, one of the clearest findings to emerge from research into happiness is that we are social creatures and that all of us need other people in order to be well and thrive. We feel better just being around other people. And we need close relationships in order to be happy.

The resources featured in this pillar provide organized opportunities for transitioning military members, veterans, and their families to meet, socialize, share experiences, create new memories and most importantly, stay connected.

Vetted Resources

Self-Care and Personal Enrichment