• Reboot Workshop Transitioning America's Heroes
    Provides early-stage cognitive-behavioral educational intervention, to help veterans "re-boot"
    from military programming; helps veterans transition successfully from the battle front to
    the home front; assists a successful reentry plan; helps minimize the effects of stress associated
    with service; addresses social problems at their root cause; helps transfer military training
    to California's labor force; and creates an effective model that can be replicated nationally
    that complements existing services.
  • Wellness and Vocational Enrichment Clinic, US Department of Veterans Affairs
    Offers rehabilitative and wellness services to veterans with a short or long history of unemployment
    due to a medical condition, mental illness, or substance abuse. Services include: vocational needs
    assessment; work readiness training in volunteering, workshops, incentive therapy, and compensated
    work therapy; assistance in job seeking skills; time limited computer basics; direction in pursuing
    educational goals; and wellness courses such as exercise therapy, health education, stress
    management and smoking cessation.
  • Life Coaching, Military Musters
    Working in conjunction with the professional life coaching community Military Musters
    brings life coaching to the military and veteran communities. Life Coaches are personal
    trainers for your mind and help you to become proactive in navigating life transitions,
    achieving change and in shaping your life.

The programs featured above provide assistance for active duty military members, veterans, and their families who want to enhance their lives and achieve their potential as individuals through analysis of life goals, evaluation of lifestyles and relationships, elimination of unnecessary stress and modification of behavior and attitudes to facilitate achievement of personal objectives. For related self-care and personal enrichment resources, click on the links below.

Related Resources

Self Esteem Workshops - Programs that offer workshops, discussion groups and other types of training which focus on helping participants develop a sense of self-worth and importance as a means of strengthening their character, supporting their ability to resist peer pressure and helping them to act more responsibly toward others.

Stress Management - Programs that utilize a variety of techniques including demonstration, exercise and discussion to help participants increase their understanding of the conditions and habits that lead to stress, to learn more about the effects of stress on the body, to identify the stressors in their own lives, and to develop better ways of reducing or managing stress in their personal relationships and work.

Life Coach - Programs that offer the services of a "life coach" who helps people articulate their dreams, clarify their mission in life, identify specific goals, develop concrete action plans, take advantage of feedback and support and move beyond barriers and self-sabotage. Life coaching differs from psychotherapy in that it is not designed to treat diagnosable mental disorders such as depression, anxiety or substance abuse, but rather draws on people's strengths and inner resources to create a life of fulfillment, accomplishment and balance. It is usually offered over the telephone with weekly appointments, but face-to-face, email and instant message sessions may also be available.

Yoga - Programs that provide opportunities for people to learn and practice yoga, a discipline that combines stretching exercises, breathing techniques and meditation to achieve fitness, flexibility, relaxation and internal centering.