• Recreation/Leisure Services, USO San Diego
    Provides social, educational, and recreational activities for active duty men and
    women and their families. Offers free use of computers with Internet access. Also
    provides information and referral for lodging, transportation, and area amenities.
    Provides facilities for dances, meetings, and entertainment. Offers an airport center
    equipped with video games and television, in terminal #2, which serves as a waiting
    area for military personnel awaiting transportation or flights.
  • United Veterans Council of San Diego County
    Provides a forum where veterans can input and share information, raise issues leading
    to the betterment of the veteran community, and to provide a united veterans position
    on legislation affecting San Diego County veterans and their families. Also provides
    information for VA benefits including Health Care, Compensation, Education,
    Employment, Home Loans, Life Insurance, Vocational Rehabilitation, Survivors Benefits,
    and Burial Benefits.
  • Resiliency Training for Military Families, Focus San Diego
    FOCUS (Families Over Coming Under Stress) is a resiliency-building program of the
    Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED). It is designed for military families
    and children facing the multiple challenges of combat operational stress during
    wartime. FOCUS promotes family strengths and supports couples and parents to help
    manage the challenges of military life.
  • Project Liberty Call, Armed Services YMCA, Camp Pendleton
    Provides leisure and recreational activities such as dining out, movies, other types
    of family and leisure activities.

Connecting with others leads to greater well-being and happiness.

The programs featured above provide opportunities for military, veterans, and their families to participate in a variety of group activities that are personally satisfying and/or designed to transmit social values and customs, to facilitate learning of social skills and self-expression in a group setting, and to otherwise promote the social growth and development of participants. For related community resources, please click on the links below.

Related Resources

Parks/Recreation Areas - Programs that develop, maintain and make available to the public recreational facilities and grounds which can be used for a variety of leisure-time activities. Included are amusement parks, beaches, camps, public gardens, harbor/marina areas, zoos and a broad range of recreational facilities that are available in community; state and national parks; schools and universities; and other recreational areas.

Recreational Activities/Sports Programs that provide opportunities for people of all ages to learn, become competitive in and enjoy the organized recreational activity, sport or game of their choice. These programs may be offered by local clubs devoted to a particular activity or sport; may provide individual or team coaching assistance or instruction, access to equipment and facilities, and uniforms, if necessary; and may sponsor or make arrangements for athletes to participate in amateur competitions, usually at the local, regional or state level, and provide officials for games. These events are generally for the enjoyment of the athletes and are not at a high enough competitive level to be considered spectator sports.

Recreational Facilities - Programs that develop, maintain and make available to the public, acreage and facilities for a broad range of recreational activities, sports and games; and/or urban open spaces where people can gather to eat lunch, socialize and enjoy being outdoors.

Social Clubs/Events - Programs that provide organized opportunities for individuals of all ages to meet and socialize with their peers through dances, parties, picnics, barbecues and other companionable activities. Included are men's clubs; women's clubs; singles clubs; clubs for individuals who have a common ethnic background, religion or country of origin; and similar groups whose primary purpose in gathering is to pass the time in an enjoyable manner.

Team Building Activities - Programs that sponsor group activities, games and/or guided adventures (such as ropes courses) which are designed to build trust, hone problem-solving and decision-making skills, develop respect for others, enhance self-esteem and improve the participant's ability to work cooperatively in a group.

Veteran Membership Organizations  - Programs whose members are veterans who have joined together on a voluntary basis to promote mutual interests. Activities may include advocacy for the preservation and expansion of earned privileges and benefits, testimony before Congress on issues affecting veterans, awards and other measures for promoting appreciation of and recognition for veterans and their accomplishments, community service programs, and social activities for members. Some organizations may provide active support for the democratic principles of religious and political freedom; offer benefits such as health insurance, life insurance, credit cards and financial planning services for members; or maintain special burial funds to help indigent veterans and their families.