• Courage to Call
    A countywide program that provides a veteran staffed 24/7 toll free helpline for
    Veterans, Active Duty, Reservists, National Guard and their families. Confidential
    information, guidance, and referrals to help reduce the stress associated with
    military/family life and rejoining the community when discharged from the military.
  • Operation Family Caregiver
    A free and confidential program for adult family members or friends who care for a
    military service member or veteran with visible or invisible (post-traumatic stress or
    traumatic brain) injuries or adjustment concerns.  One of our social worker/coaches
    meets 1:1 with the same caregiver in a place of the caregiver’s choosing (including
    via Skype and/or phone when outside San Diego County).
  • Safe Warrior Outreach Program, American Combat Veterans of War
    Offers an outreach program to veterans and active duty military members. The
    program is led by combat veterans and is held each Tuesday in Oceanside.
    Attendees talk about whatever is on their mind and often work through
    post-traumatic stress related issues with other veterans.
  • LGBTQ Active Duty Military & Veteran Social Group, North County LGBTQ Resource Center
    Group offers to address issues related to LGBTQ Active Duty Military and Veterans.
    Promoted by the North County LGBTQ Resource Center and its allies, to achieve a
    high quality of respect for all service members and promote positive images of LGBTQ.

Support groups are autonomous groups of individuals who share a common problem or concern, either directly or through their partners and families, who meet together on a voluntary basis, either in-person, by telephone or via the Internet, to fulfill a need, overcome a disability or cope with a crisis. Members of mutual support groups share their experiences, strengths and hopes and rely on one another for emotional support, information and resources. Included are professionally-facilitated groups, faith-based and secular 12-step models with or without professional participation, groups that use a set of guidelines prepared by a national organization or headquarters, and groups that have no professional participation and/or no specifically-structured format.

The resources featured above provide mutual and peer support services to active duty military members, veterans, and their families. For related support groups, click on the links below.  

Related Resources

Caregiver Support Groups- Mutual support groups whose members are family, friends, significant others, non-familial caregivers or attendants who are caring for someone who has a temporary, chronic, life-threatening or terminal illness or disability or who is elderly and increasingly unable to provide for his or her own care.

Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender Support Groups - Mutual support groups whose members are gays, lesbians, bisexual individuals, people who are in the process of coming out, people who are questioning their sexual orientation, transgender individuals, cross-dressers and/or gender questioning youth.

Military Family Support Groups - Mutual support groups whose members are the spouses, children, parents, other relatives, boyfriends, girlfriends or friends of active duty military personnel who have needs, issues and problems that relate to the stresses of military life.

Specialized Information and Referral - Programs that maintain information about community resources that are appropriate for a specific target group or human services sector (for example, youth programs or addiction services) and which link individuals who are in need of specialized services with appropriate resources and/or which provide information about community agencies and organizations that offer specialized services.

Veteran Support Groups  - Mutual support groups whose members were previously affiliated with one of the branches of the armed forces, their families and friends.