Alexandra Rudig

Development & Marketing Coordinator

Alexandra serves as the zero8hundred Inreach Development & Outreach Specialist in charge of communications with our existing program participants, donors and community partners. Alexandra moved from Indiana to San Diego in 2019 after completing a BA in Media and Broadcast Journalism from Indiana University. She has worked previously as a reporter and producer for IUNewsNet as well as interning for WISH-TV in Indianapolis. She is now pursuing a Master's Degree in Strategic Communications from Butler University. Alexandra is very excited to bring her unique skills to the non-profit marketing world.

Alexandra gained a great appreciation for the military world at a young age looking up to great-grandparents, grandparents, a cousin, and family friends who have been involved in several branches of the armed forces. She had a very special relationship with her Poppy, who served as a Marine in Vietnam. He was a shining example for what a true man of honor is. She knew immediately zero8hundred was her new home and an amazing opportunity to serve men and women just like her Poppy.