Stacey Odell

Programs Director

Stacey Odell has been the Programs Director with zero8hundred since Feb 2019, but started as in intern in May of 2017.  She received her MSW from USC's Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work and is working towards licensure. As the daughter of a 32 year Navy Retiree and spouse of a 23 year Retiree, (6 years active duty Navy, 3 years Navy Reserve and 11 years National Guard), Stacey knows firsthand the challenges service members and their spouses encounter during the transition from active duty to civilian life.  zero8hundred provides transition support for all areas of transition.  Not having this support during her family’s transition created a passion to help those getting out of the military find information they need. Not just for employment but for every aspect of their new civilian life.  zero8hundred has given her the opportunity to take a passion and turn it into a reality.