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Basic needs

If you're in need of general assistance, we'll connect you with local resources.

resources covering basic needs include:

health insurance

housing Assistance

Financial support

zero8hundred is committed to connecting active duty military, veterans, and their families to resources that can help furnish their basic survival needs (including emergency food, shelter/housing, material goods, transportation, utilities, financial services and legal aid services).

Some of Our Basic Needs Resources:


Financial Literacy Center

The San Diego Financial Literacy Center (SDFLC) enhances the financial IQ of San Diego County residents with a focus on youth (K-12 & College), military (active, transitioning and veteran), and low-to-moderate income families.


The financial literacy of constituents is enhanced through complimentary and custom built educational seminars and workshops such as Smart With Your Money, Boost for Our Heroes, and Wave of the Future. Additional education is offered via confidential one-to-one financial consultations and budget analysis.

zero8hundred Resource Specialists have made 37 successful referrals to the San Diego Financial Literacy Center over the past 18 months! 


"“I appreciate all the work you’ve been doing for me and all the support and resources you’ve provided. You’ve been doing a fantastic job and I want to let you know I’ve been referring a lot of people to zero8hundred!”

“I wish your program was everywhere.”

"I love zero8hundred. You guys provided me piece of mind when I felt like I was going crazy and when I felt like nobody would want to hire me. I have been working since the middle of November. I am full time and absolutely love it."

Are you a transitioning Service member in need of assistance?

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