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tips to navigate virtual career fairs

by zero8hundred

Job searching has changed in this new virtual world! But there's no need to worry... zero8hundred has your back! 


What IS the GI Bill?

by zero8hundred

Thinking about taking advantage of your GI Bill benefits? Here's what the GI Bill stands for, benefits covered under the GI Bill, and a GI Bill calculator.

Army Medals

TypeS of Military Discharges

by zero8hundred

Before military separation, you will receive a discharge status on your DD214 form. See all types of discharges from the military and how to access your DD214.

Doctor Using Digital Tablet

Understand Your VA Health Benefits

by zero8hundred

TRICARE benefits no longer apply 180 days after military separation. Make sure you understand your VA health care options to protect yourself and your family.

Bullet Journal

Life After the Military

by zero8hundred

Before you re-enter civilian life, you must learn how to get out of the military and be successful. Here are some tips for finding employment and more.

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