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Military TRansition Support

Zero8Hundred takes a multi-pronged approach to support, understanding that the challenges of the transition phase are multifaceted and interconnected. Zero8Hundred’s Peer Navigators provide support in the following areas: 


For those seeking employment, Zero8Hundred provides connections to local resources including job training programs, resume support, job fairs, and employment matching services. 


For veterans who choose to embark on continuing education, Zero8Hundred provides access to resources to achieve their educational goals such as earning a GED, college degree, or other certification to help them advance in the civilian workforce.


Peer Navigators assess for risk factors such as homelessness, abuse, and suicidal/homicidal ideation and are prepared to provide crisis intervention if needed. We provide referrals to meet wellness needs including navigating health care benefits and securing care, including counseling and mental health resources.


Peer Navigators screen for any urgent needs and provide referrals to ensure clients have access to emergency food support, shelter/housing, transportation, utilities, financial services, and legal aid services.


Through our newsletter, online platforms, community outreach events and day-to-day counseling services, Zero8Hundred provides a range of opportunities for community connection. This includes connections to support groups, personal and professional networking opportunities, self-care and personal development, and military family support services.

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