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  • What is Zero8Hundred?
    We are NOT a 1-800 number! Zero8Hundred is a resource referral program dedicated to working with transitioning service members, recent veterans and their spouses (including Gold Star Spouses). It is our mission to provide our program participants transition support through personalized navigation of uniquely best suited resources on the journey to civilian life.
  • What does Zero8Hundred mean?
    While we know most military members start their day well before 0800, it is the official time to raise the colors, or American flag, to signal the beginning of a new day. Transitioning to military life is the beginning of a new day, or chapter, and our name reflects that new beginning. And who knows, maybe once you are out of the military your day will start at 0800!
  • How is Zero8Hundred different from other military transition support programs?
    Zero8Hundred is different in four major ways. Our program is presented and offered at on-base transition courses around Southern California and is available to you up to 12 months PRIOR to separation! Traditional transition support programs offer direct services in a specific area of transition to the service member directly. Our resources include transition support for the service member AND their spouse. Note to spouses: Let us know what your needs during transition are and we will get the best suited resources for those needs. Zero8Hundred doesn’t focus on just one area of transition. We have a resource for every need. We categorize our resources into five pillars: Employment, Education, Basic Needs, Health & Wellness and Social & Community Connections. Zero8Hundred works with VIPs to determine the resources uniquely best suited to their specific transition needs or goals. You will receive one-on-one support from a dedicated Peer Navigator the entire time you are enrolled in the Zero8Hundred program.
  • What is a TSM?
    TSM stands for Transitioning Service Member/Spouse. When you're enrolled in Zero8Hundred's program, you're a TSM!
  • What is a Peer Navigator?
    Your Peer Navigator is committed to finding the best suited resources for all your transition goals. At Zero8Hundred, we are committed to finding and researching the best resources for our TSMs. Did you know there are over 400 veteran service organizations in San Diego County alone? Let our Peer Navigators figure out which one of these organizations will best meet your needs.
  • Who can enroll with Zero8Hundred?
    We wish we could accept everyone who needs assistance with transition resources, but we do have some eligibility requirements. Plan to live, work or go to school in San Diego, Imperial, Riverside, or Orange Counties. Be an active duty service member/Reservist or National Guardsman no more than 12 months prior to terminal leave. Be the spouse of an active duty service member/Reservist or National Guardsman no more than nine months prior to terminal leave. Be a Reservist or National Guardsman no more than 90 days prior to a deployment/activation or within one year of return from deployment/activation. Be the spouse of a Reservist or National Guardsman no more than 90 days prior to a deployment/activation or within one year of return from deployment/activation Even if you don’t plan to stay in Southern California, we will work with you prior to your move. There are some resources you can use and other important things you can get done before that time comes. But if you want to make life in Southern California happen, we will try to do everything we can to help you get setup for success here!
  • How do I enroll with Zero8Hundred?
    We are so glad you asked! It is so easy. Click here or go to our Enroll Now button below and we'll schedule an appointment for you with a Peer Navigator.
  • What are Zero8Hundred's Terms of Use?
    INFORMATION: There are two kinds of information that Zero8Hundred can obtain about you: ​ ▪ "Anonymous Information" consists of non-personally-identifiable data that is used for administrative purposes only. We may collect our users' IP addresses for such purposes as to help diagnose problems with our servers and to report aggregate information to third parties that perform particular services on our behalf. We may also use the IP information to ban users who violate our terms of use. ​ ▪ "Personally Identifiable Information" is any information that personally identifies you, such as your name, street address, email address, or telephone number. We collect such information in order to serve you and to continually improve our program. We will only use your information as permitted by law. CONFIDENTIALITY: Disclosure of information is required or permitted by law when: ​ ▪ The client has specifically requested release of information, or the information is subpoenaed by a judge. ​ ▪ California state law requires disclosure when a mandated reporter reasonably suspects child abuse and neglect, elder abuse and neglect, or believes the client may be a danger to self or others. Additionally, state law requires disclosure when the mandated reporter has reasonable knowledge the client has downloaded child pornography. NOTICE OF RESOURCE SPECIALIST STATUS: I understand that services may be provided by a, social work student, who is supervised by a university approved Field Instructor, ASW (Associate Clinical Social Worker), or MSW (Masters of Social Work). I also understand that information gained during our session may be shared confidentially in supervision to better serve our clients. ​ SECURITY: Zero8Hundred has reasonable security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control. Security of information communicated by or to us over the Internet is of utmost concern to us; however, no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. While we strive to protect your personal information, we cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information you transmit to us. Once we receive your transmission, we will use reasonable efforts to ensure its security on our internal systems. ​ LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: Zero8Hundred provides information, services and products "as is" without warranties of any kind, and shall not be responsible in any manner for the acts of any third party. NOTICE OF MEDIA USAGE: When attending Zero8Hundred events or visiting Zero8Hundred offices, images of program participants may be used for marketing and social media purposes.
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