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VeteranS insider bulletin

Zero8Hundred's Veterans Insider Bulletin regularly publishes current news, upcoming events and opportunities for veterans and their families. Visit this page often for events and programs happening for you in our area!


CAREER Opportunities

Boeing can use your military experience!

Use the Military Skills Translator tool to match your military skills and experience to the more than 1,500 current job opportunities posted!

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Wells Fargo's Veteran Employment Transition (VET) Program

Wells Fargo believes every employee offers something extraordinary and they consider military experience as a tremendous asset to their work environment. This drives their commitment to hire military veterans, veterans with disabilities, and active military Reserve and National Guard personnel.


FOR Military spouses and partners

Are you experiencing transition from military to civilian life? 

My name is Kristin Anderson-Cronin and I am completing my Doctorate of Science in Nursing degree with a specialty in Veteran and Military Healthcare and Leadership. In collaboration with Zero8Hundred, we are conducting a survey to learn more about your lived experience during your time of transition. The time of transition is defined as the 12 months prior to and up to 12 months after military separation. Results will be used to see what may be able to be done to make changes in the future.


Please note: No personal information will be reported and you can exit the survey at any time.



Foundation for Women Warriors’ Childcare Assistance program provides stipends for daycare (children ages 0-5), camp assistance (summer, winter, and spring), and more.

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Transition into a career as a United Rentals service technician. United Rentals is a DOD trusted employer and they’re offering a 14-week training program that will provide you with the skills you need to build a thriving career. Interested? Contact Kelly French at



No documentation is needed to receive food assistance from a Neighborhood Distribution site where people can receive fresh fruits, vegetables and bread based on availability. Families are encouraged to bring reusable bags or a cart with them to carry all of the food items.


For your local distribution site, call 1-866-350-FOOD (3663) or 2-1-1.

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