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Tips for 
virtual career fairs

What really is the difference when approaching a virtual career fair vs. an in-person career fair? The reality is... they aren't all that different, but we put together some tips for you when preparing for a virtual career fair. 

Feeling overwhelmed?

With Zero8Hundred in your corner, you're never alone. Reach out to your resource specialist for support. We are here to calm your nerves and make sure you are fully prepared for whatever civilian life throws you, including career fairs. 

1. Take a Lap

Before diving into the career fair and networking, take a lap around all of the businesses there to get a feel for your strategy going forward. Take a deep breath and take a lap. 

2. Be Prepared

Often there is a posting of what business will be attending the fair before the event. Do some research on the companies and see what positions they have open. The more research you do, the more confident you will feel. 

3. Take it One Step at a Time

Give yourself time in between each business to re-group. Go at your own pace and remember there will always be more opportunities, so don't rush yourself! 

Never assume what a business has to offer

1. Never Judge a Book by its Cover

Don't forget that sometimes a conversation can change everything. A company may not seem appealing until you get in front of someone to take about the culture, opportunities, etc. 

2. Don't Assume What a Company Has to Offer

For example, don't assume the Sheriff's Department is only hiring law enforcement. They also have other departments like HR, PR, Social Media, etc. 

Re-Locating? going virtual could change everything!

Virtual career fairs can be an excellent resource for TSMs and military spouses who are re-locating. Use virtual career fairs as an opportunity to network before arriving to your new home. Showing initiative before the move is a huge step towards an awesome career. 

Make sure your tech is ready

1. Update Your Online Profiles and Resume

Make sure your online presence represents you and your aspirations. Have you updated your LinkedIn? Do you have a LinkedIn profile? Are your social media pages representative of you and how you want to represent yourself? Is your resume up-to-date and ready for the civilian world? Talk to your Peer Navigator about resources to make sure you can check all of these boxes with ease. 

2. Make Sure Your Technology is Ready

Check your microphone and video capabilities before entering the fair. Check your Wi-Fi connection to make sure it is strong enough, so you don't get interrupted. Being prepared technologically is a very important part in your career fair prep.

Zero8Hundred is honored to be a part of a great military community that has come together through ENPP & the US Department of Labor to collaborate on these important steps to prepare you for career fairs! 

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