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Our Response

We're here to support you, no matter what.

We Honor the Health & Safety of Our Service Members.

At Zero8hundred, we are fortunate to have systems in place to be able to continue to support our transitioning military service members, and their families, virtually. We are also preparing to serve more families as urgent needs increase amid this pandemic. We know that some of our service members are being asked to deploy on medical vessels and be prepared to leave on a moment’s notice to man pop-up medical facilities at installations around the world.

The Impact of cOVID-19

Additionally, our local area military spouses are having to take unscheduled time-off, having hours reduced, and are even losing their jobs entirely. This crisis is hitting our military families hard and we our asking you to be a part of the solution.


Fewer Working Hours

Job Loss / Unemployment

Ways To Help

Our fundraising efforts must continue to be a priority and your donations allow us to answer the call for our transitioning military service members and their families right now. Make a gift here and help serve those who have already served you!


Check on Your Neighbors

We are grateful for your support of zero8hundred and we thank you for helping serve those patriots, and their families, who have already served us so selflessly.

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