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Your health & vitality is fundamental to your overall quality of life.


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Health is one of zero8hundred's quintessential pillars which includes programs that provide preventive, diagnostic and treatment services in a variety of community and hospital-based settings to help people achieve, maintain and enhance a state of emotional well-being, personal empowerment and the skills to cope with everyday demands without excessive stress or reliance on alcohol or other drugs. 

Included are resources for health screenings and diagnosis, health supportive services, counselling services, mental health support services, and substance abuse.

Some of Our Health & Wellness Resources:


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"“I appreciate all the work you’ve been doing for me and all the support and resources you’ve provided. You’ve been doing a fantastic job and I want to let you know I’ve been referring a lot of people to zero8hundred!”

“I wish your program was everywhere.”

"I love zero8hundred. You guys provided me piece of mind when I felt like I was going crazy and when I felt like nobody would want to hire me. I have been working since the middle of November. I am full time and absolutely love it."

Are you a transitioning Service member looking to improve your health?

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